About Christon “The Truth” Jones


  • 5'0
  • 100 lbs
  • Class of 2024          
  • Hometown: Mississippi                              
  • School: Home School         
  • Position: RB/LB


This player create mismatches against most opponents and have dominant performances.  This player will contribute as a freshman and have an excellent chance at moving on to play at the next level beyond high school.


  • Athletic Awards/Recognition
  • 2013  Super Bowl Champ
  • 2014  MVP
  • 2015  Division Conference Champ
  • 2015  Regional Champ
  • 2015  O-D Camp MVP
  • 2015  O-D All-American
  • 2016  O-D All-American
  • 2017  All-American Defensive Player MVP
  • 2017 LeGarrette Blount NFL Pro Camp Super Bowl Champ


  • Bilingual (I speak English and Spanish)
  • I lived in 5 different states by the age of 6
  • I have twin brothers (Elijah and Jeremiah) and my dad is a twin
  • I can raise one eyebrow like the ROCK
  • I refer to myself as "The Truth" because the truth represents strength and courage
  • Slogan: I'm Christon, and that's the TRUTH and I'm walking in it! (TM)
  • I am an Amazon Best Seller


O-D.com states: An exceptional athlete among their peer group. Makes an immediate, game-changing impact in any football game. This player has a unique understanding of the game and displays ideal size and aptitude for their position. Projects to be able to contribute at the high school varsity level as a Freshman or Sophomore.


  • Amazon Best Seller 
  • International Best Selling Author (In Three Categories)
  • Published Author of The Win Within
  • Published Author of Student of the Game
  • Certified Les Brown Speaker
  • GPA  4.0
  • Stanford Achievement Test 85%
    * performs as well as or better than 85% of students nationally in all subjects
  • Principles List
  • Kumon Reading Place of Distinction ranked 7183 of 20885
  • Kumon Math Place of Distinction ranked 7696 of 23554
  • 2014 Spelling Bee Champ
  • 2015 Spelling Bee Champ
  • Voted by teachers best mathematician