Spring is already here and first quarter will be ending tomorrow.  Did you stay on track with you goals? If not, just evaluate your excuses and readjust.  Take massive ACTION and DOMINATE 2017! It’s hard to stay on track but it will be even harder to live with regret.  We all have 24 hours in a day regardless if you are rich or poor.  Take your 24 hours and handle it with care.

Quick Tips for goal setting: Reflect/Define/Act and get an accountability partner.  See you at the TOP (R.I.P Zig)

2-Sides of the Same Coin

Peace and freedom is what everyone is looking for (2-sides of the same coin) most just don’t know it. They do not have clarity, so all of their efforts will be misguided and cause more suffering. b1

Link Dialogue With My Mentor

My mentor is very supportive and is inspiring me to take action to get over my fears.  Yes, I have several, like glossophobia (public speaking)…yikes!  Just kidding, I will defeat the fear of public speaking in 2017.  How?

#1.  I will be uncompromising with my goal.

#2.  I will find a way to engage in more public speaking events.

#3.  I will stand in my TRUTH, greatness, and strength.

#4.  I will NOT STOP until my goal manifest.

I’m Christon and that’s the TRUTH and I’m walking in it!

P.S.  I am available for 5/10/15 minute speaking gigs.  Ijs…contact me via


Welcome to The Truth Jones!

Announcing the NEW RELEASE of THE WIN WITHIN by author Christon “The Truth” Jones!

Get your copy today and be sure to check out the Calendar page if you are in or near Pinellas Park, FL. Christon will be doing book signings in November and December, his official book launch party, and even a radio show!